In Our  City , India

We have 500-275-200-82.5-63 kVA silent DG sets available
In single roof.


Reliability and assured 100% backup to the utility.

Primary Choice Factors:

A superior package in terms of performance,
support & aesthetics with acoustic sets tailored
according the needs & specifications, round-theclock
The Performance:
The sets have performed to the expectations of
the customer.

Our offer terms are based on your specific requirements and are briefed as under:


Rates vary on the basis of capacity of the machine required, nature of work, the number of hours/shifts the machine is booked during the period and the site location.


For all practical purpose, fuel and lubricants have to be provided by the user at site. after running of 250 Hrs.  


Up and down transport normally has to be arranged by the client at their cost or on mutual terms agreed.
We hereby request you to submit the inquiry form which will enable us to quote in line with your requirements.



Engine electronic governing Genset metering parameters like lube oil pressure,coolent temperature,engine speed (rpm),run hours,DC voltage,intake manifold temperature (wherever applicable),3 phase volts and 3 phase amperes,frequency,kW,kVA,power factor
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